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Precision Metal Fabricator

Tech5.ca represents a precision machining and sheet metal fabricator servicing top OEM and CM's. Offering rapid FDM prototypes and production-grade parts using high-performance thermoplastics. Our strengths lie in our ability to provide "quick turn" service in general machining, jigs & fixtures and assemblies.

Thermal Vacuum Forming

Tech5.ca represents a complete thermal vacuum forming, mould design and mould tools company. Vacuum forming is a traditional plastic manufacturing method using special forming machines. It is an extremely cost-effective way to manufacturing prototypes or small production runs of plastic parts.

Electronic Design

Tech5.ca represents a state of the art design house that develops high-speed electronic products for aerospace, defence, consumer, medical, industrial, semiconductors & telecommunications. Extensive design experience in System Design, Architecture.

PCB Fabrication

Tech5.ca represents is a leading fabricator of PCB's. We provide a 'quick turn' for production volume requirements. We continually manufacture high complexity PCB's, at competitive pricing providing highly reliable foundation for customers.

PCB Fabrication

Tech5.ca represents a specialized manufacturer of (exceptionally) high quality printed circuit boards filling the needs of today's' ever changing electronics industry. With the advancement of technology we are proud to be at the forefront of maintaining highly automated and technologically advanced manufacturing facility.

Graphics,Switches & Lighting Products

Ampco's "Advanced Graphics solutions include, Full Color Wide Format Graphic Overlays, Decals, Labels, Fleet Graphics & Photometal nameplates. Electronic Membrane Switches, Electronic Assemblies, Instrument Panels, LED and EL Lighting & Metal Fabrication.

Coquitlam, B.C.

Magnetics and Cable Harnessing

Newava is a leading global designer and manufacturer of custom and standard inductors, transformers, coils, toroid magnetics, chokes, custom magnetic components, cable & wire harnessing and Electro-mechanical assemblies.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Tech5.ca represents is a privately owned Mould Manufacturer and Custom Injection Moulding Company, located in Ottawa, Ontario. We offer our customers a complete line of services, from mould design and manufacturing all the way through to small and large volume production runs. ISO9001-2000.

Contract Manufacturer

Tech5.ca represents a Global Top-50 and North American Top-10 Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider. We focus on building premier customer relationships with companies requiring high-mix, high-complexity start-to-finish manufacturing and supply chain solutions in the Industrial & Instrumentation, Medical, Communications, Computers & Multimedia, Transportation, Defence and Environment & Security.

Standard & Customer Power Supplies

ISO9001-2000 standard & custom Power Supplies, Isolation Amplifiers, Analog Function Modules & CRT Distortion Correction Devices. Industry-standard form & fit, while offering greater power densities, higher efficiency, wider input voltage range & user-adjustable outputs at generally lower prices than the competition.

Norwood, MA

Pacific Rim Manufacturing

Pacific Silk is your North American one-stop source for low cost, Silicon Rubber Keypads, Injection Molding, Small Metal Stamping, LCD's - Zebra Strips, AC Wall Adaptors and Plastic Tooling. Electronic packaging for all shapes and sizes is a specialty.

Port Coquitlam,B.C./
Guangdong & Shanghai China

Mechanical Engineering

Tech5.ca represents a Mechanical design & manufacturing services company providing product & process development solutions. Our core competency is Mechanical CAD. Our capabilities include product design, machine design, mould design, tool design, NC Code for CNC machining, & prototyping.

Industrial Design

Gibson Product Design Inc. provides creative vision and technical know-how in product development for business and consumer markets. GPDI supports development from concept through detailed CAD, physical models and prototypes to full manufacturing documentation.

Ottawa, ON
Last updated: February 2018

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